Arizona Proposition 204’s Permanent Sales Tax Increase

Americans for Responsible Leadership Stands Against Arizona Proposition 204’s Permanent Sales Tax Increase

Americans for Responsible Leadership opposes Arizona’s Proposition 204.  It is a proposed 1-cent sales tax increase, purportedly for education; but in reality, very little of that funding will find its way into the classroom.  Worse, it creates a permanent tax hike and permanent spending.  Regardless of the condition of the state’s economy or the desires of voters in the future, the obligations created by Prop 204 cannot be changed without repealing it once it has been passed.

Education is important, and Arizona’s public school system is in need of reform.  Prop 204 does not provide that reform; it is a simplistic attempt to fix all of the problems that exist within the system by shoveling money at it.  Worse, there is minimal oversight or accountability for how those funds would be spent.  For example, in the section on college funding, universities are given permission to use the money on construction projects.  That won’t help students to write better papers or become more proficient with mathematics, but it will pad the pockets of contractors in the state.

But easily the worst aspect of Prop 204 is that once it has been passed, it cannot easily be changed.  It would immediately create a billion dollars in new taxes and new spending, and it would continue to do that every year unless it is repealed.  Arizona’s leadership has reduced spending and debt at the state level, responding to the conditions in the economy and the corresponding levels of available revenue.  Prop 204 would tie their hands and make it impossible for our elected officials to do their jobs.  Americans for Responsible Leadership urges you to vote NO on Prop 204.

The latest video from Arizona’s Free Enterprise Club highlight’s the Proposition’s problems:

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